Introducing the first (minor) update to Rising Raiders: sprite revision.

This changes how the characters look, and help give a general basis on how the game will play out throughout the upcoming changes.

As a side idea I wanted to do, I wanted to use a version system that works best for me. This will be referenced as pro[j]ect_versioning in the meantime.

Version identifying:



example : 0.0.0_0[prototype-zero]

released_vers_state : The current version state of the current rendition. When the update reaches a released state, both the beta and alpha version state will be x.

example : 1.x.x_0[release-zero]

beta_vers_state : The current beta version state of the current rendition.

example : 0.1.x_0[beta-zero]

alpha_vers_state : The current alpha version state of the current rendition.

example : 0.0.1_0[alpha-zero]

update_ident : The current update version the game is in. The larger the number length is, the small er the update importance is. Numbers only increase in length through update importance.

example : 0.0.1_01234567[alpha-zero]

<if 012 has no changes, only 000, it can be replaced to '> ex: '1

<if 345 has no changes, only 000, it can be replaced to "> ex: 120"13

<if both have no changes, only 000000, it can be replaced to '"> ex: '"15

major update states : {

_[0: major-additions][1: major-graphical-revisions][2: major-code-revisions]


minor update states : {

[3: minor-additions][4: minor-graphical-revisions][5: minor-code-revisions]


bugcheck update states : {

[6: major-bug-fixes][7: minor-bug-fixes]


cur_state : Defines the current version state they reside in.

example : [alpha-0]

rendition : Defines the largest rewrite version of its current state. Rendition updates usually result to an entire rewrite of its current state, such as world recreation, sprite remodelling with new scripts, UI overhaul, and more so. The rendition update numbers are written out.

example : {

[alpha-zero] : old world with no travel.

[alpha-one] : new world with new places, travel additions, new sprites, etc.



If you wish to have quicker version reference, use the collided version of this system.

pro_ver-sys : {

vers_ r_vers - c_upd_s . upd_i

p0-1.0; r = vers_; 0 = r_vers; 1 = c_upd_s; .0 = upd_i

vers_ : A reference to the current version tier.

example : p1; p = prototype; a = alpha; b = beta; r = released;

r_vers : a reference to the rendition state of the version. resets upon changing version tiers.

example : p1;

c_upd_s : the current version of its current rendition state.

example : p1-1;

upd_i : the current update identity of its current version state.

example : p1-1.012;

update states {

[0: major-additions/updates][1: minor-additions/updates][2: bug-fixes/patches]



Anyways, that's all. More shall come in the following weeks. :^)

The update will be released in a few hours.

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